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total number of completed stories: 15
total word count: 168435 (completed and posted only), 28930 (incomplete and unposted), Total: 197365
fandoms written in: Haikyuu, Harry Potter (unposted)

looking back, did you expect to write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you’d expected?
LESS because I did not expect to write any at all

what’s your own favorite story of the year?
Fall Together, Fall Apart. I'm just really proud of so much about that story and the way it turned out!

did you take any writing risks this year?
Posting anything!!! What the heck.

do you have any fanfic or profit goals for the new year?
REF/FOLUTION aka achieve and maintain a 50% F/F rate on my ao3~!
Also, write at least 30k a month!!

best story of the year?
Ahhh, I don't know how to define best, so I'll just repeat my favorite and say Close to the Chest was pretty good, too.

most popular story of the year?
Close to the Chest, no question. It's staggering.

story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Tie between Chin Up, We're Not Over Yet, which I worked really hard on and am ultimately really proud of, but has a relatively low amount of kudos, and Wrong as Rain, which was just super fun and has always lagged behind even my more plotless meh stories.

most fun story to write:
ALL OF THEM but probably Ask a Stupid Question because it's just completely the ridic banter that is the easiest for me to write. I also crack myself up shamelessly.

story with the single sexiest moment:
???? Sexy moments???? Me????? idk probably one of the PWPs but I genuinely remember very little about those. Let's go with any of the time Yahaba is competent and sexy(?) in V&V

most sweet story:
Do Unto Others, which I like to think feels warm and cozy.

”holy crap, thats wrong, even for you!” story:
I don't think I have anything that's like super wrong... maybe how little lune KyouYaha use in Venom and Vulnerability... chafing... oh dear...

story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
Chin Up, We're Not Over Yet because OH MAN I fell so much more in love with Kiyoko, Yui, and KiyoYui!!! Also, CttC solidified a lot of my Seijou characterizations in my head and the planning of V&V's sequel is giving me some more thoughts on Kenma?

most unintentionally telling story:
I'm honestly unsure. CttC was pretty telling but intentionally so. Perhaps Fall Together, Fall Apart? In terms of relational struggles.

hardest story to write:
Venom and Vulnerability, mostly because I realized quite a long ways in that the tone was completely wrong and had to retool it.

biggest disappointment:
I guess how little I wrote over the summer.

biggest surprise:
EVERYTHING. That I posted fic. That people read my fic. That people liked my fic. That people like me. That I made friends through writing and fandom. That I made friends fullstop. A year of huge surprises, this was.


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